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iconWelcome Gift Presentation


On Friday, October 13, Principal Cravak presented each of our new students with an official AAIA welcome gift box. These treasure chests contain symbolic items personalized with the student’s name and represent virtues such as honesty, bravery, and empathy. The seven items include a notebook, handkerchief, map, smiley sticky notes, pen, ruler, and an AAIA pin. The presentation of the gift box is a cherished tradition at AAIA. We look forward to bestowing more to our future lions!

上週五(10/13)由校長Stephen Cravak親自贈與每位新生AAIA的學習寶盒,裡頭包含7件客製化禮物,期勉學生能有誠實、勇敢、同理心等美德。盒內有筆記本、手帕、世界古地圖、便利貼、鋼筆、尺和學校徽章。AAIA將延續此傳統,並期待未來有更多學生加入這個大家庭。