2024 AAIA Career Day

Today (March 14th) is AAIA’s annual Career Day, students took part in various college and career-related activities, including College List Defense, College Application Presentations, and Career Fair.

During College List Defense, G11 students rehearsed their College List Defense with the G12 students, each presenting three colleges/universities: one each from the reach, target, and safety categories, and explained their reasons for wanting to apply to the schools. G12 students shared their thoughts and advice in the Q&A session, giving the G11 students guidance on their college application lists. Next, the G12 students shared their sage advice by presenting to G11 on college applications. And with that, the torch is being passed onto the next group of rising seniors!

For the 2024 Career Fair, we have invited 10 guest speakers from diverse career fields, including medical, plant and microbial biology, psychology, electrical engineering, banking, art, supply chain management, mechanical engineering, high technology, and marketing, and shared their valuable working experiences and useful information about different jobs. The Career Fair served as a dynamic platform where Lions can engage with professionals from various companies, gain insights into job roles and company cultures, and explore diverse career paths.

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