Application Processes

AAIA operates a year-round rolling admissions policy. Students who apply during the current school year can be admitted throughout the year. The following simplified application form and procedure is the fastest way to start the enrollment process at Asian American International Academy. For information regarding the full application process please refer to the Important Information section below.

  • A completed and signed initial application form
  • Non-refundable NT$ 5,000 English proficiency exam fee. The exam is required of each student. This does not guarantee enrollment.
  • The most recent academic records in Chinese (if applicable), covering the previous 2 years.

Important Information – Full Application Process

A completed full application form assumes that the applicant agrees to comply with all posted AAIA rules and regulations.

Students who have not completed a full year of a given grade by the fall entrance date may be required to re-enroll in the same grade level.

  • Students in grades 6 through 12 will be given an English Language Test as deemed appropriate by school personnel. On the basis of the test scores received, the students will either be:
  • accepted into the Mainstream academic program,
  • accepted into the EAL Guided Support academic program,
  • accepted into the EAL Sheltered academic program, or
  • advised that they do not meet the minimum English proficiency level to be enrolled in AAIA’s academic programs.

Only the AAIA administration is charged with making admissions decisions. The judgment of the Executive Director in these matters is final. Admissions Office staff have been directed not to make or offer judgments regarding student qualifications. Please do not ask the Admissions Office personnel to judge your child’s qualifications or accept staff predictions regarding your child’s ultimate admissions status. Such judgments will not be considered binding on the AAIA administration. Admission decisions are made in support of AAIA’s institutional Mission Statement and School Goals. A student’s standing on the waitlists may change, depending on the applications of other students with higher priority due.

Seat guarantee holders must qualify for admission to the school under the same requirements as those students who do not hold seat guarantees.

Acceptance to AAIA will be formally notified via an official letter, which will also indicate the specific start date for student attendance.

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