Middle School

In order to develop positive routines and habits, middle school classes are daily and follow a consistent schedule with core subjects (two English language arts classes, mathematics, science, and history). To expose middle school students to a variety of subjects, a rotating mixture of art, music, Spanish, PE, assemblies, and clubs are in the afternoon. 

English As Another Language Program

Many students interested in joining AAIA are new to international schools. Since English is the language of instruction at the school, we provide additional support for these students.

The EAL (English as an Additional Language) Department assesses students to see what language help they need, and tracks their progress while they are students at AAIA. EAL teachers work with all other content teachers to assist with students of all language levels.

Students who have a high level of English but need some support to develop academic vocabulary skills will participate in Intensive EAL three days a week. The intensive EAL class gives students opportunities to practice their social English, while creating projects that develop their academic language skills. 

Some students are new to an English speaking environment and need more support than the intensive class. These students attend sheltered versions of English Language Arts, Humanities, and Science, and an EAL skills class to develop language skills needed to succeed in all their classes.

EAL Students are evaluated every three weeks to track their language development progress. At the end of each semester, students making adequate progress can exit EAL programs and join mainstream classes. 

Learning a new language at a high level is difficult and takes time. The AAIA EAL team supports students as they learn the language they need to be successful in an English-speaking environment.

MS Graduation Requirements 

Middle school students in grades 6­-8 are not on the credit system. They do not accumulate credits toward graduation from middle school to high school. They are, however, under certain restrictions as far as promotion is concerned. A middle school student is required to take and pass ALL “core” courses. Core courses are the subjects of Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. If a student fails two or more courses in one year, the student may have to repeat the year or they may have their enrollment rescinded.

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