House and Clubs


To create a sense of belonging to the school community through socializing, leadership, and ESLOS, AAIA has created the House system to enhance the lateral and vertical connections of our students.

AAIA places students into each House after careful consideration of each student’s personality and attributes. Once a student has been sorted into a house, he/she will stay with the assigned house as they move up through the year groups. Houses meet twice a week and compete internally and between houses. Each house is looked after by at least one house mom and dad.

Eight houses are featured


Believing in the idea that students should not wait until graduation to lead successful lives, AAIA dually places its students in real-world situations and also integrates the diversity and complexity of global issues and cultures. This is achieved through a strong cocurricular program, which develops students’ academic prowess, service, leadership, and character. While some schools offer clubs and activities after school, AAIA builds time into the school day and students have many offerings including Student Council, Model United Nations, Rotary INTERACT, World Scholar’s Cup, Speech & Debate, dance, literary journal, cooking, art-related clubs, service-learning related clubs, and several athletic clubs and teams including basketball and volleyball. Our cocurricular program sponsors a variety of local, national, and global competitions and opportunities, and consistently evolves based on student interests and skills.

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