AAIA’s core content area curriculum standards have been adopted from the California State Curriculum and the Common Core Curriculum Standards. These core courses, English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, and World Language, strictly adhere to the California Curriculum Standards. Our Advanced Placement courses are taught at the rigorous standards developed by the College Board. In addition to our core curriculum and AP course offerings, we also facilitate SAT preparation courses to give our students an edge on this high-stakes standardized test. We aim to prepare our students for academic success in colleges and universities in the United States of America.

AAIA offers a rigorous and engaging standards-based grade 6 through 12 American curriculum. As educators, we are not filling a bucket, but rather igniting a flame, and help students “learn how to learn.”

An important component of AAIA’s curriculum is the emphasis on skills development. Under the direction of Lead Teachers and the Curriculum Coordinator, teachers employ various instructional strategies, including project-based and blended learning activities that aim to develop students’ content knowledge, skills application, while also adhering to the ESLOs.

Visit the online calendar for 2023-2024’s scheduled events. In the event that the online calendar differs from the excel academic calendar, the excel academic calendar will always take precedence.

School Year at a Galance

2023-2024 1st Semester
2023-2024 2nd Semester

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