Service & e-Learning

Service Learning

AAIA has implemented a service-learning graduation requirement so that our students will recognize that stewardship produces benefits both personally and to the greater community. Students will perform at least eighty (80) hours of service learning. All services must be recorded in the official Service Learning Form and digitally submitted to the student’s CCR Portfolio.

At least 50% (40 hours) must be done outside of the AAIA campus. Students should engage in activities that further develop their moral and ethical character.

Transfer students are only required to submit 20 service learning hours for each year they attended. Should a student transfer in the middle of the year, they are still responsible for 20 hours for that year. To clarify, if a student enrolls in AAIA after the 1st semester in 9th grade, they will still need 80 hours of service, and also, if a student enrolls in 10th grade, they’ll need 60 hours.


The AAIA e-learning portal can be accessed here.

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