Health, Nutrition, and Wellness

AAIA places top priority on students’ health, nutrition, and wellness. We offer different services to our students, parents, faculty, and staff to enhance AAIA community life.

Important Updates on COVID-19

Important Updates – May 16, 2022

AAIA COVID-related policy and procedures (updated on a rolling basis) – Last updated 05-16, 2022

Important Updates – May 20, 2022


AAIA COVID19 Epidemic Prevention Control Instructions


  • 學校教職員工及入校工作人員(如外聘師資社團教師外包人員等)須提供完整接種COVID-19疫苗3劑且滿14天之證明。新進人員或因醫療、個人因素而沒有接種疫苗的人,於首次服務前,倘未完整接種3劑疫苗且滿14天,應提供自費3日內抗原快篩(含家用快篩)或PCR檢驗陰性證明。[updated May 9, 2022]

  • 來賓、家長及訪客,經學校核定有入校必要者,入校前須檢查疫苗接種證明,施打過第二劑滿十四天方可入校。如黃卡疫苗接種數位證明健康存摺之疫苗接種紀錄(健保快易通APP)、健保卡(有張貼疫苗接種日期)等,若無上開證明可出示三天內快篩或PCR陰性證明以守護校園健康與安全。

  • 非必要者,未經校方同意,12歲以下未施打疫苗之孩童,不得入校。

  • 自主檢康管理者、與匡列者之同住家人,不可入校。

  • 入校時應採實聯制、體溫測量、配合雙手消毒及全程配戴口罩。


In response to the continued global epidemic situation, and to prevent the variant virus from spreading, the following regulations will be effective immediately:

  • All faculty and staff (including contracted workers such as caterers) must provide a record of 3 vaccinations (the last vaccination must be dated 14 days prior to entering the school ground). Individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons must provide PCR or rapid screening negative test results taken 3 days before entering the school.

  • Visitors (including guests, and parents) must provide a record of 2 vaccinations before entering school grounds (with the last vaccination dated at least 14 days before entry date). Records can be in the form of the yellow booklet, digital vaccination, HeathCare App, and Health Care Card with appropriate vaccination stickers.

  • Unless otherwise approved, children under 12 without vaccinations may not be permitted to enter AAIA.

  • Individuals under a 7-day self-health monitoring period; those who are living with individuals who have been identified as potential COVID contacts are not permitted to enter AAIA.

  • Individuals must comply with name registration, temperature check, and alcohol spray prior to entering the school.

Refer to the CDC official website for more information.

Health Center

Our health center is located on the first floor right next to the reception. Ms. Kao is a registered nurse who provides students, parents, faculty, and staff with resources to health safety-related information. Students may see her for an assessment should they feel unwell during school time.

In addition, AAIA adheres strictly to the AAIA Student Accident/Injury Manual for any emergency situations (新北華美國際美國學校學生緊急傷病處理辦法) [2021.06.19 updated]

AAIA Student Group Insurance Policy

If you have any questions relating to health safety, please contact Ms. Kao ( or 02-2606-9030 ext. 122)

Food and nutrition

To keep the school community clean, AAIA has opted to hire high-quality caterers and vendors who deliver freshly prepared lunch dishes daily. The lunch menu is available at the start of each month. Students have the option to sign up for the lunch program to enjoy food with their friends and classmates.


Not only does AAIA care about students’ physical wellness and academic performance, but students’ mental wellness is equally important to us. AAIA has a full-time Guidance (Social & Emotional) Counselor, Ms. Jade Lee, to provide assistance and resources for all students who are looking to improve their social and emotional wellness.

The Wellness office is located on the third floor. Ms. Lee can be reached via ( or phone (02 2606-9030 ext. 310).

The following services are offered to the AAIA students and parents:

  • individual/peer/group counseling
  • parent consultation
  • family counseling
  • screening and outsourcing
Appointments can be made in person or via the online booking system.
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