Health, Nutrition, and Wellness

AAIA places top priority on students’ health, nutrition, and wellness. We offer different services to our students, parents, faculty, and staff to enhance AAIA community life.

Important Updates on COVID-19

Updated March 20th, 2023


The following policy will be effective March 20th, 2023


COVID-confirmed Case

  • COVID-confirmed cases who are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms are advised to undergo a ”0+n” self-health monitoring period.

  • 無症狀或症狀較輕的確診者(教職員生),建議進行“0+n”自我健康監測期。

  • It is advised for COVID-confirmed cases with mild symptoms not to attend classes in person and stay at home until the symptoms ease, and to wear a mask at all times if it’s needed to go out.

  • 建議輕症確診者在症狀緩解前請在家休息,勿入校上課,如需外出則全程佩戴口罩。


General Guidelines

  • Individuals comply with name registration, temperature check, and alcohol spray prior to entering the school.

  • Masks are now optional in campus,but masks will still be “required” while at the health center and on the school/shuttle buses.

  • Schools will have the discretion to mandate masks as needed.

  • It is suggested to wear a mask if anyone has a fever or respiratory symptoms.

  • Students are still required to have a mask at their disposal each day just in case it is needed.

Self-health Monitoring  

  • In order to protect our community, AAIA asks all community members to exercise caution and diligence in monitoring students’ own health. Use the following guidelines when determining if a student should be attending school:
    Students may not attend school unless their body temperature is under  37.5 degrees without medication.
    2. Students may not attend school if students are showing symptoms (such as fever, coughing, sore throat, fever, diarrhea, etc).

If a student is having a fever or showing Covid-like symptoms, he/she should remain home and seek medical attention immediately.

For more information, visit the New Taipei City School Protocol FAQ (updated 2023/03/17)


Health Center

Our health center is located on the first floor right next to the reception. Ms. Kao is a registered nurse who provides students, parents, faculty, and staff with resources to health safety-related information. Students may see her for an assessment should they feel unwell during school time.

In addition, AAIA adheres strictly to the AAIA Student Accident/Injury Manual for any emergency situations (新北華美國際美國學校學生緊急傷病處理辦法) [2021.06.19 updated]

AAIA Student Group Insurance Policy

If you have any questions relating to health safety, please contact AAIA (

Food and Nutrition

To keep the school community clean, AAIA has hired high-quality caterers and vendors who deliver freshly prepared lunch dishes daily. The lunch menu is available at the start of each month. Students have the option to sign up for the lunch program to enjoy food with their friends and classmates.


Not only does AAIA care about students’ physical wellness and academic performance, but students’ mental wellness is equally important to us. AAIA has a full-time Guidance (Social & Emotional) Counselor, Ms. Jade Lee, to provide assistance and resources for all students who are looking to improve their social and emotional wellness.

The Wellness office is located on the third floor.

The following services are offered to AAIA students and parents:

  • individual/peer/group counseling
  • parent consultation
  • family counseling
  • screening and outsourcing

Appointments can be made in person or via the online booking system

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