Work at AAIA

The Ingredients of an AAIA Teacher

AAIA actively seeks certified educators to join our young and vibrant learning community. We offer a competitive salary with a calendar that follows both Taiwan and American holidays. AAIA’s faculty is comprised of teachers who actively role-model our Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes. To clarify AAIA desires teachers who:

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Continually implement solution-based thinking
  • Implement effective habits and routines
  • Focused on long-term goals

Effective Communication

  • Respect students as individuals and partners within the learning environment. 
  • Openly communicate with parents and connect with community stakeholders.
  • Collaborate vertically and horizontally with colleagues across all subject areas.

Active Learning

  • Possess valid certification and credentials within their respective field
  • Continually evaluate their pedagogy and curriculum
  • Seek out professional development
  • Contribute to educational networks and communities
  • Embrace new ideas and perspectives

Global Awareness

  • Role model sensitivity and respect for other cultures
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Possess formal teaching experience both in their home countries and preferably in international schools in Asia
  • Lead co-curricular clubs, sports, and initiatives

High Character

  • Placing student achievement and the vision/mission of the school above all
  • Choose to be kind as opposed to being right

Open Submission / Application Process

As AAIA continues to expand, new and exciting positions may open throughout the year. Therefore, we openly invite interested educators from grades 6 through 12 across all subject areas to submit their resume, cover letter, and at least two references to  

Child Protection

AAIA is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of our students. It is our expectation that all current and future staff share in this commitment. In line with the school’s child protection policy and guidelines, our rigorous and thorough recruitment practices ensure all potential members of staff complete comprehensive criminal background checks. All appointments will be interviewed and reference checks will be performed.

Current Vacancies 

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