2024 Community Impact Project & Lions Day

The annual Community Impact Project (CIP) and Lions Day were held on March 28-29 (Thursday & Friday) which provided students with dynamic educational experiences beyond the confines of the classroom.

During CIP, high school students got the chance to teach and interact with Guangfu Elementary School students, and designed teaching materials and activities for this English teaching activity. Lions showcased excellent organizational ability, teamwork spirit, and communication skills.

Lions Day was the time for students to forge lasting memories and close bonds with peers and teachers. High school Lions visited the Yilan Cookies Invention Museum and learned how to make the famous Yilan snack, the ox tongue cookie. They also enjoyed their leisure time at the National Center for Traditional Arts and the Jumps Air Land.

Middle school Lions enjoyed quality time with peers in a fun-filled place, Window on World Theme Park. Laughter filled the air, from bumper cars to water rides, Lions created a light-hearted moment together.

2024 Lions Day was held successfully, thank you for all the effort of our faculty and staff. Let us stay tuned for next year’s Lions Day.

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