2024 AAIA Charity Street Fair

AAIA 2024 Charity Street Fair was held in Linkou Community Sports Park on April 20 (Saturday) and was a resounding success. Members of AAIA and the local communities celebrated together and immersed themselves in the festive atmosphere by enjoying worldwide cuisines, watching talent showcases, and engaging in interactive games. Street fair reached the climax during the lucky draw sections, congratulations to all the winners!

AAIA street fair fostered a sense of community spirit and provided a platform for the school to build a stronger linkage with the local community. Participants also positively impacted the disadvantaged groups by joining the charity sale.

Huge thanks to the street fair committee, AAIA PTA, the advisory organizations, Shu-Jyun A Yi Team, New Taipei City Police Department, Linkou Precinct, New Taipei City Government Fire Bureau, Linkou, and Linkou District Cleaning Team, the sponsors, Dr. Ho’s Cosmetic, ADATA (Taiwan), YOU DRAW Real Estate Development, and FUNWOO, all the faculty, staff and students. Thank you for your generous support and effort.

Click the link for more photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Z-vK7TUF4-amCUsadKGPqmp7QzmKYpSj?usp=sharing

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