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iconAAIA's 2nd Annual Career Day






This week, The College and Career Readiness department along with Interact and Rotary sponsored AAIA's 2nd Annual Career Day. High school students were treated to an afternoon filled with informative sessions from prominent and enlightening guest speakers. The day opened with the first keynote speech from PTA President Mr. Tom Beach on the future of careers. The second session allowed for students to choose their speaker among five talented professionals including a published comic artist, pharmacist, family doctor, event planner, and restaurateur. The culminating session was a second keynote speech from KE Foundation summer program founder Mr. Ben Yang as he motivated each student to live each day to the fullest. Special thanks to all of the speakers for imparting valuable wisdom to students.

**AAIA students adorned their best professional attire for Dress for Success day.







本週AAIA升學輔導中心以及扶少社一同主辦了年度職涯探索日,我們為高中部的學生們規劃了一系列的職涯講座。這個充實的午後由家長會會長Mr. Tom Beach的演講:「The Future of Careers」揭開序幕,緊接著是來自各行各業的演講嘉賓,包括漫畫家﹑藥劑師﹑家庭醫師﹑策展人與餐館負責人。活動最後為Mr. Ben Yang鼓舞人心的演說,勉勵學生們將生命的每一天都活得精彩。AAIA由衷地感謝所有蒞場嘉賓睿智的經驗分享。