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iconELA Teacher James Huss Radio Interview

   Several weeks ago, our AAIA Language Arts teacher, James Huss, was invited to the weekly radio show “Book of Odes” hosted by Charlie Storrar at Radio Taiwan International. During the talk, Mr. Huss shared some of his poem selections with the listeners and the recording is now released . Please follow link below and click on headphone icon to listen. (

Mr. Huss also collaborates with a group of poem and art lovers called 「Taipei Poetry Collective」 in his spare time.


AAIA的文學老師James Huss於數週前受邀至中央廣播電台參與由Charlie Storrar主持的訪談節目「Book of Odes」。在訪談中,Mr. Huss分享並朗讀了自己的英文詩詞創作,您可以在以下的連結中聆聽錄製的節目內容: (請點選耳機圖示開始播放。)

Mr. Huss同時也是藝文團體「Taipei Poetry Collective」的成員,與許多的詩人及藝術工作者一同集思創作更多動人的作品。


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