The Aid of Mask for America

Given the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in America, two separate groups of Class of 2021 students stepped forward to come to the aid of those in need before the end of semester. A group of 11th graders, including Apro Tsai, Brian Liu, Justin Chang, Kevin Wu, Vincent Chiang, and Shaun Toe, raised funds from AAIA community in order to purchase mask covers and donate them. Thanks to the generosity of AAIA students, parents, faculty, staff and the Board, the team was able to donate 400 pieces of N95 mask covers and 480 pieces of regular mask covers to John T. Mather Memorial Hospital in New York and Penn Medical Center in Pennsylvania. (Pictures 1-3)

A second group consisting of students from other schools and led by 11th grader Nicole Wu with the help from G10 Ginger Hsu and G9 Neil Chen to raise enough money to send over 1000 masks, 800 N95 masks and about 100 goggles to hospitals in New York and Washington state. The students sent the masks to Wasington and New York because they were one the first states to suffer the first wave of the virus.(Pictures 4-6)

AAIA is proud to be part of this caring community to contribute to the pandemic mitigation as our students took on active roles in being global citizens.

由於美國新冠狀病毒的嚴重疫情,AAIA學生於學期結束前組織了口罩(套)援助計劃。一群11年級的學生,包括Apro Tsai, Brian Liu, Justin Chang, Kevin Wu, Vincent Chiang與Shaun Toe向AAIA大家庭募款以購買口罩套,捐贈給美國的醫院。感謝AAIA的同學,家長,教職員與董事會的慷慨相助,該團隊才有能力捐贈400個N95口罩套與480個一般口罩套給位於紐約州與賓州的醫院。(圖1-3)

第二組AAIA學生則與其他兩所學校學生合作,由11年級Nicole Wu領軍,與10年級Ginger Hsu跟9年級Niel Chen 籌募足夠資金,並向紐約和華盛頓州的醫院運送1000多個口罩,800個N95口罩和大約100個護目鏡。學生們選擇協助華盛頓州與紐約州醫院是因為他們受到疫情影響甚鉅。(圖4-6)


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