Middle School Graduation Trip

The tradition of a middle school graduation trip continued as AAIA’s eighth graders visited Kyoto and Osaka, Japan. Twenty students took part in recreational and educational visits to historic shrines and temples, and Universal Studios Osaka. Key features of this year’s trip were the scavenger hunt where students raced around Japan snapping photos of Japanese culture, cuisine, and yokai (folklore creatures), and the Cultural Project where students presented on an element of Japanese culture they would like to see instilled in Taiwan. Special thanks to all of the Grade 8 parents for sponsoring this amazing adventure!

延續著每年國中畢業生傳統,今年AAIA八年級畢業生選擇京都跟大阪作為畢業旅行地點。20位學生參觀了歷史悠久的神社和寺廟還去到大阪環球影城。今年畢業旅行的的重頭戲是文化尋寶遊戲,學生們透過拍攝不同文化主題認識日本 (例如:日本美食和民間神話),並將做簡報展示他們希望在台灣看到的日本文化元素。特別感謝八年級家長的支持讓本次旅行更好更完善!

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