Boys Basketball Team Awards

To wrap up this year, the boy’s basketball team were given awards and rewarded with victory food.

The awards and contributions are as follows:

The MVP of the year goes to Jerry Yang for his consistent stellar performance, strong offensive skill set, and leadership ability. This was his last year, as he will graduate and move on to bigger and better things!

The defensive player of the year goes to Zon Hsu for his ability to cause turnovers and generally frustrate his opponents.

The hustle award goes to Felix Su for his never say die attitude and his ability to give 110% at all times.

The sportsmanship award goes to Han Hsu for his attitude of treating opponents with respect and acting as a positive role model.

The most improved player of the year goes to Nicky Lin for blocking shots like a boss and improving his inside game.



憑藉著一貫的出色表現、強大的進攻技巧和領導能力,今年的MVP頒給了Jerry Yang。今年他也將畢業於AAIA,希望畢業後他能持續茁壯成長!

今年的最佳防守球員頒給了Zon Hsu,對手常因為他優秀的防守能力,迫使對手運球失誤或停球。

最佳拚命獎的殊榮頒給了Felix Su,因為他永遠不放棄的態度以及他在任何時候都能給予110%的能量。

最佳運動員精神獎則是頒給了Han Hsu,不管比賽情況如何,他總是能尊重對手並保有正向積極的態度。

最後因為籃下進攻及防守的能力都有大幅度的提升,今年最佳進步獎頒給了Nicky Lin。

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