Best Moments of The Boys Basketball Team (January)

Our boy’s basketball team played against Kuei Shan, DIS, HCAS, IBSH, and Morrison in January. In one of the close games with DIS, Karston Chang scored the winning jumper with 1 minute left in the game! The lions secured another win against HCAS with a score of 40-33. The boys once again dominated the court in the game against IBSH. The team shot its way to victory with a score of 42-21. Andrew, Felix, Karston, and Jason made it rain 3 pointers. Felix Su was the top scorer of the game with 8 points and 3 steals. Eric Gulotty poured in 6 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.

This sums up the best moments in January. Looking forward to more amazing shots!

男子籃隊在一月份時與Kuei Shan, DIS, HCAS, IBSH, and Morrison校隊交鋒。其中一場拉鋸戰靠著Karston Chang在最後一分鐘時跳投以兩分之差贏得勝利。獅子們也以40-33比數贏得與HCAS的比賽。另外一場戰役,獅子們一路領先,以42-21懸殊之差距打敗了Morrision. Andrew, Felix, Karston, and Jason 用三分球橫掃全場。 Felix Su 為此戰役之最高得分者,勇奪8分,而Eric Gulotty 則搶下6分並且奪得10個大籃板。


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