Best Moments of The Girls Basketball Team (January)

In January, the girl’s basketball team played against HCAS, IBSH, Fusing, HAS, and Morrison. In the game versus Fusing, the girl won by a whopping 36-16. Christina Hsiung alone scored 22 points! Although they succumbed to both HCAS and IBSH, the lady lions fought hard and fierce. In one of the games, Christina Hsiung led the Lady Lions by scoring 22 out of the 24 points! In another game, Christina Hsuing scored another high 14 points and Hannah Yen grabbed 11 rebounds.

A round of applause for our lady lions and we look forward to more games!

今年一月,AAIA女子籃球隊與HCAS, IBSH, Fusing, HAS, 及 Morrison,雖沒有贏得全面勝利,女籃的巾幗們依然奮勇迎戰,打出了好節奏。與Fusing的對戰,更是以36比16大獲全勝。其他比賽中,Christina Hsuing一人也獨得高分,為球隊奪取了22分!另一場比賽中,Hannah Yen搶下了11個漂亮的籃板球。


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