Special Exhibition held by Studio Art Students

Studio Art has been working on charcoal studies, using both additive and reductive techniques. At the end of the unit we held a special exhibition to show the students progress, sketchbook work and their final composition accompanied by an artist statement. The students were present to share and discuss their work while staff and students […]


From October 18-20, The AAIA Model United Nations club participated in HSINMUN XV at the International Bi-lingual School at Hsinchu Science Park (IBSH). Students acted as diplomats and experts, discussing some of our world’s most pressing issues. The 12 students who went made 74 speeches and asked almost 80 questions, making AAIA one of the […]

AAIA won first basketball game of this season

On 10/18 the AAIA JV boys team played against Grace Christian Academy. This game was a chance for the less experienced players to get some playing time and work on their skills. The Lions won the day with superior ball handling and a major height advantage with a final score of 75-23. 上周五(10/18),AAIA男子籃球隊二軍與恩慈美國學校比賽。這場比賽讓經驗較不足的球員有充分發揮的機會,並磨練平常練習的防守與進攻技巧! 最終,在難得的身材優勢下取得75-23的本賽季第一場勝利!!

2nd Colonial Fair

AAIA 8th graders held the 2nd annual Colonial Fair on two days this year, September 26 and 27. Students worked independently or in pairs to research one of the original 13 British colonies in the Americas. Students created decorative displays and brought different props and food items to demonstrate what life was like in their […]

The Lion Podcast

September 26, 2019 saw the official launch of The Lions Podcast. The Lions Podcast is a Thursday club at Asia American International Academy (AAIA). A small group of students, parents, teachers, and staff will get together weekly to discuss technology and how it affects our society. The first episode featured G12 Winny Peng, G9 Ryan […]

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