Thanksgiving Feast

AAIA is thankful for its amazing PTA parents for providing delicious turkey and succulent apple and pumpkin pie to all students, teachers, and staff. In addition, special thanks to presentation from our former PTA President, Mr. Beach, students began the day listening to an historical look at Thanksgiving traditions.

非常感謝AAIA家長會熱心地為全體師生提供了美味的感恩節火雞全餐以及可口的蘋果派和南瓜派,讓大家有機會在享用佳餚之際得以省思並感念生命中的豐饒。同時,為了讓學生們更加瞭解這個西方節日,前家長會長Mr. Beach也在晨間廣播時間分享了感恩節傳統的源起。

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