School re-opens

AAIA re-opened its campus on Tuesday, and Mr. Cole, the school’s social and emotional counselor, prepared an informative seminar on health and safety for middle school students. Students actively learned more about COVID-19 through multiple perspectives and how to use hygienic practices to prevent spreading. In addition, students practiced mindfulness and showcased their newfound awareness with high scores on an interactive quiz show assessment.

AAIA於星期二重新開學,學校心理輔導顧問Mr. Cole 為中學生準備了有關健康與安全的研討會。學生們透過不同觀點學習更多有關COVID-19的知識,以及如何使用正確衛生習慣來防止病毒傳播。此外,學生利用一些時間沉澱自我,並通過互動式測驗展示學習成果。

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