The AAIA Model United Nations (MUN) Club had an exciting and productive trip to the HSINMUN XIX conference at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science-Park from October 13-15. The conference was an unforgettable experience that broadened the students’ horizons and ignited their passion for global affairs. From intense debates to crafting resolutions, our students showcased wonderful diplomacy skills. Each committee session was a chance to collaborate, negotiate, and represent AAIA with pride.

Thank you to all of the attending delegates: G6 Charlene Hsu, Olivia Hsu, Hannah Liao, G9 Anca Li, Jazlyn Shen, Evelyn Liu, G10 Sean Shen, Sarina Tsai, G11 Naomi Hsu, Winston Lin, Iris Chen, Mischa Chou, Addison Lu, G12 Wesley Shiao, Kevin Chang. Also, a big round of applause to G11 Tammy Hsu, G12 Sophia Wu, and Hugo Chiang for representing AAIA as chair members.

Finally, thank you Ms. Sarah Thomassen and Mr. Kevin Adams, our middle school and high school MUN directors, for preparing the students and accompanying them to the conference. We look forward to our own upcoming NTMUN II and hope to see everyone again next year at HSINMUN XX!

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