2023 House Sports Day

2023 House Sports Day started with fantastic cheerleading performance and houses’ performance, every houses prepared their unique chants and showed their sportsmanship spirit and their sense of belonging. 

During the dance studio sections, Lions enjoyed dancing with strong music. House against in the water pong, dodgeball and tug-of-war competition, participants covered with sweat and audiences cheered for their houses. Lions roared with laughter in the water balloon toss. 

Lions showcased their high character during the sports day, courageousness, motivation and supportiveness. Congratulations to the following houses for their outstanding performances: 

Overall Champion: Hermes (1st Place in Tug of War)

Overall Performance 2nd Place: Athena (2nd Place in Tug of War)

Overall Performance 3rd Place: Apollo (3rd Place in Tug of War) 

Team Sportsmanship Award: Hades

Best House Chant: Hephaestus, Athena, Hades

Highly appreciate their effort and let us look forward to next year House Sports Day! 

For more photos, please click the following link: House Sports Day Photos
For house chants videos, please visit AAIA Youtube channel

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