Final birthday celebration of the year

The final birthday celebration of the year roared into both middle and high school lunch yesterday. Happy Birthday to the lions born in June and July! May you all preserve the sunshine and warmth as you weave together this wonderful tapestry of life!

AAIA is proud to announce our students’ exceptional performances both in and outside of school. Jamie Beach (G11) was elected as AAIA’s 2020 recipient for the London School of Economics Alumni Association Excellence Award. Jamie, Ms. Phenix, and Ginger Hsu (G10) also won the Street Fair Poster Contest awarded by AAIA PTA. Our grade 7 Howard Hung, Richard Ko, and Dylan Pak were given the honor as they were elected the best flag design for this year’s Flagathon.

Congratulations to all!


AAIA也很榮幸宣布學生們於校內外傑出表現!恭賀Jamie Beach (G11)獲得2020年英國倫敦政經學院台灣校友會Excellence獎項。同時她、Ms. Phenix與Ginger Hsu (G10) 也獲得由PTA準備的園遊會海報設計獎金。AAIA七年級學生Howard Hung、Richard Ko跟Dylan Pak的校旗設計則是被選為最能代表AAIA的標誌!


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