Blockchain Presentation

AAIA's first student-led speech was a success featuring our G12 student, Christina Lee’s well-prepared presentation on how blockchain can be linked with Corporate Social Responsibility, and our guest Speaker, Colin Cheng’s fascinating speech delving into the potential of this uprising technology.

AAIA has always been dedicated in providing a wholesome learning environment for our students; we encourage all students to take initiative in acquiring knowledge and exploring possibilities to be fully equipped for the real world.

AAIA很開心的第一場由學生規劃的講座順利落幕!12年級學生Christina分享了區塊鏈的重要性並分析企業社會責任如何與之結合。其後課座講師Colin Cheng也與學生探討區塊鏈的市場潛力及發展。


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