Award Giving (VEX Robotics & Art Competition)

AAIA students continue to showcase their talents and skills on both national and global stages.

Congratulations to Kate Tsai as her artwork placed 1st in 2D Design, and 2nd in Block Printing for New Taipei City division at National Student Art Competition. Congratulations are also in order for the VEX Robotics team who won the Bronze Award at a recent tournament in Macau (11/30-12/04).

AAIA is proud of each student and is appreciate to the parents as well for their continued support!


恭喜10年級學生Kate Tsai於學生美術比賽獲得新北市西區第一名(平面設計)及第二名(版畫)的殊榮。另外也恭喜學校的VEX機器人社團於澳門舉辦的VEX機器人亞洲錦標賽中榮獲銅獎(11/30-12/04)。


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