Charity Activities with Help the Elderly Organization

AAIA Lions have continually collaborated with charity organizations, showcasing the high character of integrity, respect, and a strong sense of responsibility. G11 students, Sarina Tsai and Emirate Chen organized charity activities from April to June that collaborated with Help the Elderly Organization (HEO), a non-profit volunteer organization that hosts events to bond with elders and […]

2024 Australia Study Tour

The Australia Study Tour from June 1st to 15th provided Lions fantastic opportunities to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage and enrich their study experience under an immersive English learning environment. Lions stayed with the homestay families and made meaningful connections with the locals, offering them unique insights into Australian life. They attended classes at […]

2024 June-born Lions Birthday

Celebrating students’ birthday is a joyous and memorable event that fosters a sense of community and belonging. We came together to celebrate the Birthday of our June-born Lions and made the day special, birthday Lions received customized cookies. To Lions, “As long as you work hard and never stop believing in yourself, good luck and […]

Class of 2024- Graduation Ceremony

Lions successfully completed their wonderful high school educational journey in AAIA, and the graduation ceremony held on May 25 (Saturday) marked their transition from adolescence to adulthood. High school is a significant time for individual growth in both academic, intellectual, and social perspectives. We were so proud of the Lions’ hard work, dedication, and most […]

2024 Middel School Graduation Ceremony

It’s time for Lions to start a new chapter in the AAIA education journey. The middle school graduation ceremony was held on May 24, Friday. Lions wore formal attire, graduation gowns, and caps, entered the venue, and were greeted by loud cheers. We were inspired and motivated by the speeches given by our graduates, principal, […]

Class of 2024: End of the Year and Seniors Celebration

The last school day was a significant milestone. To continue our tradition, today (May 17, Friday), we held a farewell party for our seniors to commemorate this special day. Seniors enjoyed the tangy and sweet BBQ, pizza, and traditional Taiwan snacks, Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice while chatting with friends and teachers, and captured the […]

2024 Cocurricular Awards Ceremony

We celebrated the outstanding achievements of Lions and recognized their effort and passion in various co-curricular activities. Yesterday (May 15, Wednesday), AAIA held the 2024 Cocurricular Awards Ceremony and presented awards to Lions who have excelled in sports, music, art, and other fields. Congratulations to the following awardees:  Middle School Athlete Awards MS Boys Basketball […]

Academic Year 2023-2024 2nd Semester Club Showcase

AAIA fosters students’ all-round and whole-person development by providing students opportunities to organize different club activities. The 2nd Semester Club Showcase was held last Friday (May 3), students showcased the club’s activities and achievements and introduced their club to their peers through interactive booths, videos, and performances. Orchestra members and G11 Visen from Creative Music […]

MS Science Fair and G7 Science Field Trip

AAIA adopts diverse teaching and learning methods, from hands-on learning, thematic teaching to field trip study, to increase student engagement and improve their understanding of knowledge. Middle school science fair was held on April 23 (Tuesday), students designed their own experiments from start to finish and focused on finding and analyzing data, explored the scientific […]

2024 May-born Lions Birthday

Birthday celebration is a time for love, laughter, and the reaffirmation of bonds that make life meaningful. We celebrated the birth of May-born Lions today (May 1), Lions received heartfelt wishes and gifts.   To May-born Lions,“ Another adventure-filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with pomp and splendor. Wishing you a very […]

School Visit- Daguang Elementary School

In our third year of partnership with Daguang Elementary School, we proudly presented the culmination of our online tutoring program, where our AAIA student tutors provided weekly English lessons. As Daguang students visited AAIA last Friday (April 26), we celebrated and witnessed their remarkable learning progress shining brightly at the End-of-Year Meeting Event. In addition, […]

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