An Impactful Event

Last week, the food drive organized by the interact club donated more than 30 boxes of non-perishable food to the Lee Ling Su Social Welfare Foundation. Not only did the event made a positive contribution to people in need, but it also brought a powerful impact on our students.

Thank-you, Lee Ling Su Social Welfare Foundation, for giving the students an opportunity to make a positive contribution.

Below are some of their reflective thoughts:

上個禮拜,扶輪社團的同學發起並捐贈了超過三十箱食品物資給予 #李林樹社會福利基金會附設桃園教養會。這次的活動給學生帶來許多正面的感想。非常感謝李林樹社會福利基金會,讓AAIA學生有機會參與如此有意義的活動。

Hugo Chiang G9: The field trip to the foundation was educational and inspiring. I saw those people singing, drawing, and overall having fun. The overall experiment of this trip was fantastic, I could see how hard the staffs are working, and they definitely deserve all the credit.

Jimmy Lee G9: The field trip to the institution is fun. I learned many things on this trip; I interacted with people that I never get to know before which is the disabled people. This trip gives me a better understanding of disabled people and the motivation to help more people like them in the future.

Charlotte Tean G11: Visiting the institution was an unforgettable trip to interact with club members. It was a brand new experience to get to understand disabilities more and a great time to spent with club members. They showed their welcoming with the big smiles on their faces and their frenetic waves. it was heartwarming

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