2023-2024 Student Council

AAIA prioritizes students’ voice and gives students the opportunities to make a difference in the school community. We are so happy to introduce the 2023-2024 Student Council to all of you, here is the member list:

-President: G12 Brandon Tsai

-Vice President: G12 Richard Lin

-Secretary: G10 Chantel Shen

-Treasurer: G12 William Lee

-Public Relation Officer: G12 Amy Lee

-Middle School Student Council Officer: G7 Ian Lai

-Middle School Student Council Officer: G7 Leo Chen

-Middle School Student Council Officer: G8 Veritas Chou

-7th Grade Class Representative: G7 Yuna Tsujimoto

-8th Grade Class Representative: G8 Olivia Chen

-9th Grade Class Representative: G9 Jazlyn Shen

-10th Grade Class Representative: G10 Irene Tseng

-11th Grade Class Representative: G11 Michael Yen

-12th Grade Class Representative: G12 Alice Hsiao

-6th Grade Class Representative will be announced soon

Let us look forward to the student council’s amazing activities, such as the Lock-in, Spirit Week, Thought Club, and Student Takeover Day. Create your wonderful moments in AAIA.

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