2021 HIMUN

On March 20 and 21, AAIA’s Model United Nations Club traveled back to Hsinchu for the third time this year to participate in Hsinchu International School’s MUN Conference, HIMUN.

We have seen great progress in our club this year, with many of our delegates actively leading debates and writing amendments to resolutions ranging from the war in Yemen to Internet privacy issues. AAIA has also had a Lion in a chair position at every conference we have attended so far, showing how our club has leaders that shine all over Taiwan and Asia! Congratulations to senior Eric Gulotty Jr. on his final HIMUN chairship.

Our students made over 150 speeches, wrote dozens of amendments, and for the first time, one of our Middle School delegates, Sarina Tsai, “main submitted” a resolution, which meant she wrote such a strong resolution, other delegates added their ideas to hers to craft the best resolution possible. Excellent job Sarina, as well as all of the other delegates. Please be sure to congratulate our MUN club members on their success!

Visit AAIA’s Facebook for more photos.

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