2020-21 Student Council Officers

AAIA is proud to introduce the members of the 2020-21 student council. This year, the student council is led by G12 Esther Chiang (president), and G12 Jamie Beach (vice-president). G11 Anita Hsien is the event manager, G11 Vincent Lin is in charge of the treasury, and G11 Ginger Hsu is the art director. While G10 Sabrina Gulotty takes care of the internal affairs as the secretary, G11 Eudora Tsai handles public relations. G7 Sarina Tsai is serving as the Middle School liaison.

The student council has helped organized events such as Spirit Week and is currently working on a fundraising project! Working alongside designers and manufacturers, the student council has brought to us the newest AAIA hoodies. They are now for sale and all members are encouraged to purchase and support our very own Student Council.

AAIA很榮幸為大家介紹今年的學生會幹部群。2020-21年,AAIA學生會會長由Esther Chiang當任,Jamie Beach為副會長。Anita Hsien管理活動相關事務,Vincent Lin掌管財務,Ginger Hsu則為藝術總監。內部的大小事則由秘書Sbrina Gulotty處理,Eudora Tsai協調對外公共關係。Sarina Tsai則是學生會國中部聯絡人。


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