2019 Inktober

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day for the entire month. The Studio Art students participated in Inktober in 2019 as a challenge to improve their inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. At the end of the month we celebrated finishing […]

2019 Sports Day

Last Saturday NTSU hosted and ran AAIA’s 3rd annual Sports Day. The weather was extremely sunny and the competition was fierce. Students competed in teams composed of the new house system that has been implemented this year. The 100-meter dash, tug of war, team jump rope and relay races were all part of the festivities. […]


Ten AAIA students in the Model United Nations Club attended the SEOMUN conference in Seoul, South Korea from November 8-10. Representing countries from around the world, they attempted to find solutions to some of the largest issues we face today. They collectively made dozens of speeches, asked many questions, and presented amendments to help shape […]

Intro to Business welcomed Mr. Beach for sharing his wisdom as an executive

Intro to Business welcomed esteemed guest speaker, Mr. Tom Beach who shared his wisdom from his days as an advertising/marketing executive. He chronicled the successes and failures of the major companies involved in the "cookie wars". This was excellent knowledge that was immediately applicable as students are working on their business plans. 商學導論課於十月底特別邀請到Mr. Tom Beach來分享他身為廣告/行銷主管的經驗談。他透過分析"餅乾"市場,進而討論不同公司成功與失敗的範例。這些都是讓學生受益良多的知識,也能幫助學生制定及呈現更好的商業計劃。

November Birthday Celebration

Last week, we had our November-born students birthday celebration with character cakes and Singaporean food. Congrats! AAIA學生會於上星期替十一月份的壽星們慶生,學生們享用了Hello Kitty跟多拉A夢的造型蛋糕以及本月文化主題特色餐-新加坡料理。祝各位壽星生日快樂!

2019 Halloween

Let's give a big round of applause for AAIA Student Council hosting the great Halloween events! We thank everyone who participated on Halloween and our spirit week. Glad to see everyone having so much fun! 非常感謝AAIA學生會於上週五舉辦了一系列的萬聖節活動,也謝謝所有精心打扮的學生及老師!很高興看到全校師生們度過了一個如此開心的禮拜!

AAIA Annual Spirit Week

The past week was AAIA's annual spirit week! Stay tuned for lots of fun photos! First day's theme was Pajamas Day. 上週為AAIA年度精神週,不要錯過接下來的更新!本週一(10/28)的服裝主題是睡衣日! AAIA Annual Spirit Week – Second day's theme was Pop Culture Day. AAIA年度精神週 – 週二(10/29)的服裝主題為流行文化日! AAIA Annual Spirit Week – Third day's theme was Twins Day. AAIA年度精神週 – 週三(10/30)的服裝主題為雙胞胎日! AAIA Annual Spirit Week […]