2019 Charity Concert

Thanksgiving, a cherished American tradition, is a time to be grateful. AAIA is thankful for the opportunity to return to Tao Yuan Jeso Elementary school and perform a holiday concert. AAIA’s resident maestro, Dr. Lin, directed eleven performances featuring the orchestra, piano, singers, and Thanksgiving skit. Jeso students treated AAIA to a surprise performance as dozens of little ones beautifully performed an aboriginal song and dance. AAIA looks forward to continuing its blossoming relationship with Jeso Elementary. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

感恩節是美國重要的傳統節日之一,也是給予感恩的時刻。AAIA非常感謝有機會重返介壽國小並舉辦感恩慈善音樂會。本校音樂老師Dr. Lin策劃及指導了11段演出,包括樂團演奏、鋼琴獨奏、歌唱演出及感恩節短劇。介壽國小學生也進行了精彩的原住民傳統歌謠演出。 AAIA期許在未來能與介壽國小保持友好且密切的關係。在此也祝福大家感恩節快樂!

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