2018 NASA Hackathon

Last weekend, the students of Innovation Club attended NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2018, an international hackathon that takes place over the course of 48 hours in cities around the world. The students provided solutions to solve issues in topics such as space exploration, Hubble telescope, and disaster prevention. AAIA teams were the only high school teams attending and one of the teams even made it to the the final round. We applaud our students for their hard work and believe this valuable experience have expanded their academic horizons.

AAIA發明社的學生在今年十月份參加了「NASA 黑客松」。這是一場國際性競賽,比賽全長為48小時並與全世界同步舉行。參賽學生需要研討解決太空或地球環境問題,例如:太空探索、哈伯太空望遠鏡以及災害防護。AAIA團隊為年紀最輕的參賽隊伍,學校隊伍之一也突破重圍順利晉級到決賽。我們對學生們的優越表現感到十分欣慰,縱使學海無涯,相信本次經驗已然開展了他們知識與見聞。

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