US college representatives visit AAIA

The season of college visits continues at AAIA as we were honored to invite many US college representatives to give AAIA students an inside view at their academic programs and student life.

Students met with representatives from University of Connecticut, University of Wisconsin—Parkside, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and Boston University. Students were able to learn more about the opportunities that private and public universities could provide. UIC Global program even introduced an alternative program which doesn’t require SAT/ACT scores for international students.

Students also met with representatives from private organizations, Navitas and US News Global Education. Navitas presented a wide range of universities and their popular programs. The visit was also joined by a UMass Boston alumnus who talked about why she chose to study at UMass Boston and the campus life there. The representative from US News Global Education gave a thorough presentation about University of Pacific and our students were also guided to use different dimensions, such as connections with professors, internship opportunities, and school size, when choosing universities.

AAIA will continue to connect with more universities from all over the globe in the future, please visit AAIA College & Career Readiness (FB page) and website ( for more information.



納維教育機構及美國大學排名權威機構U.S. News Global Education也派了代表來與AAIA學生做交流。納維教育機構與學生介紹多間美國大學並邀請麻州大學波士頓分校畢業生前來分享求學過程及校園生活。U.S. News Global Education不單單只是介紹美國太平洋大學,並且還引導學生利用不同視角(例如: 教授關係、實習機會或學校大小) 來選擇適合自己的大學。

AAIA將持續與世界各國大學保持友好關係,欲知更多訊息歡迎追蹤AAIA的升學輔導室臉書專頁(AAIA College & Career Readiness)及網站(

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