TASMUN XIV Conference

On April 14th and 15th, AAIA Lions attended the TASMUN XIV Conference at Taipei American School. This unique MUN event is only open to students in grades 5-9 and provides many opportunities for students to develop their skills as UN delegates and debaters facing real life situations. This year’s theme was “Unity and Diversity: One Step at a Time,” reflecting the international makeup of the over 400 delegates from all over Taiwan, as well as Korea, Indonesia, India,and Vietnam.

AAIA delegates included Dexter Verslues, Mina Liang, Austin Huang, Danny Hsiung, Kaiyen Chen, Dylan Kim, Justin Hsu, Anca Li, Emma Lin, Jazlyn Shen, Natsuki Onuma, Sarina Tsai (Deputy Chair General Assembly 1), and Irene Tseng.

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