Potluck PTA Meeting

On Wednesday, October 26th AAIA's PTA hosted a successful meeting and election as well as a delicious potluck dinner. AAIA is fortunate to have such a supportive parent body and looks forward to a bright future of events and fundraising.


The PTA officer election results are as follows

Executive Board

President – John Lee

Vice President – Mark Yu

Secretary – Jennifer Lin

Treasurer – Trina Chang


10th Grade – Sundra Shao

9th Grade – Angie Chiou

8th Grade – Kerry Liu

7th Grade – Esther Wu

6th Grade – Shawn Helton



會長 – John Lee

副會長 – Mark Yu

文書 – Jennifer Lin

財務 – Trina Chang


十年級 – Sundra Shao

九年級 – Angie Chiou

八年級 – Kerry Liu

七年級 – Esther Wu

六年級 – Shawn Helton

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