LPGA Tournament Field Trip

Students were treated to an exceptional opportunity to see some of the worlds greatest women golfers at the Fubon LPGA Championship, Thursday, Oct. 5th.

Mr. Criswell and seven other teacher and staff members chaperoned 49 students to the competition right here in Linkou. Everyone had a great time and an appreciation for the art of the golf was had by all. Students look forward to next year's LPGA where a look inside the broadcasting booth has been promised by the tournament director!

AAIA的學生們很榮幸能參與於十月五日舉辦的富邦LPGA台灣錦標賽、見證名聞遐邇的女子高爾夫球手英姿。 副校長Mr. Criswell與七位隨行老師與職員帶領49位AAIA的學生,至林口的美麗華高爾夫鄉村俱樂部觀賞比賽,深入地體驗了高球文化與賽事,度過了充實的午後。並且學生們都引頸期盼著在明年的LPGA比賽上,將能一探賽事轉播臺的面貌!

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