Kaohsiung MUN

On December 2 and 3, six students traveled to Kaohsiung to participate in Southern Taiwan Model United Nations hosted by Kaohsiung American School. During the two-day conference, the AAIA delegates listened to a keynote speech about Universal Basic Income from writer and blogger Scott Santens and debated on numerous other issues in their committees such as extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, protecting minorities from sexual violence, and the question of foreign military intervention in internal conflicts. The delegates approached the varied tasks of drafting resolutions, lobbying, and debating in committee with enthusiasm. They returned from the two-day conference with greater knowledge and awareness of the issues as well as the skills to craft realistic solutions to global problems.

上個週末(12/2及12/3) 6位AAIA學生到高雄去參加由高雄美國學校主辦的模擬聯合國活動。 在為期兩天的會議中,學生們聽了Scott Santens關於「全民基礎收入」的演說並探討了許多世界上具爭議的問題,譬如:菲律賓法外殺戮、保護弱勢族群遠離性暴力以及外國軍隊干涉內政等等。 學生們在彼此的委員會中研擬解決方案並積極遊說及討論相關議題。學生透過這兩天的活動更深入了解許多國際議題,也藉由此次經驗琢磨精進面對與處理現實世界問題的能力。

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