III X AAIA Collaboration Meeting

Representatives from III (Institute of Information Industry) visited AAIA to discuss partnership details and learn more about our school. Impressed with AAIA’s academic program and vision, the III have chosen us to serve as one of Taiwan’s founding schools to implement an innovative coding module – Micro: Bit. We are looking forward to collaborating with III as we enhance our science and technology curriculum through Maker and STEAM education initiatives.

AAIA很榮幸有機會和台灣資策會進行Micro: bit領域產學合作, 資策會代表於今日到校參訪並商討程式語言教學培訓合作事宜, 我們十分期待明年度與資策會攜手推動的Maker(創客)和STEAM(結合科學、技術、工程、藝術,以及數學的跨領域教學架構)課程。

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