Twenty-four members of the AAIA Model United Nations (MUN) club attended HSINMUN at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park (IBHS) from October 14-16, 2022.

With over 400 students representing 20 schools, HSINMUN kicked off Taiwan’s 2022-2023 MUN Conference season. Students debated a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, measures to combat the negative effects of trade regulations such as sanctions and embargos on sustainable development, measures to protect the human right to clean water, allegations of Genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Ukraine v. Russian Federation), and protecting mental health through regulations on social media. The AAIA student delegation made a total of 73 speeches, contributed 240 Points of Information (POIs), and proposed 23 amendments. In addition, 10 AAIA students were recognized as Main Submitters.

From fruitful debating to making new friends from across Taiwan, all of the MUN delegates enjoyed their time at the conference.

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