HS Intro to Business Field Trip – Ad2 (Addiction 2, Interplus)

Intro to Business was graciously invited by one of students’ parents to visit her startup company, Ad2. (Addiction 2, Interplus). The students were introduced to multimedia methods of advertising/marketing through Ad2’s gamification platform. The wonderful speakers introduced our students to sales, marketing, project management, product management and much more. Our students learned how to make professional presentations from industry leaders and were able to apply that to their in-class business proposal presentations.

Special thanks to AAIA parents for providing the opportunity for our students to learn in a real – world setting. AAIA truly values parent involvement and we appreciate their continued tremendous support of our business program.

商學導論課的學生們於本週受邀參訪學生家長的創業公司Ad2(Addiction 2, Interplus)。參訪過程中,講者透過Ad2的遊戲化平台及系統化的簡介讓學生們對多媒體廣告/營銷方式和銷售、專案管理與產品管理等領域有了新的認識。相信學生在此次參訪經驗裡也能夠習得專業的簡報技巧並應用於課堂中。

感謝AAIA家長為孩子們提供了在產業環境中學習的機會。 AAIA十分重視家長的參與,也非常感謝家長們一路以來對學校商學課程規劃與發展不遺餘力的支持。

Photo Credits: Ad2

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