Community Impact Project

On March 30, AAIA’s high schoolers participated in the annual Community Impact Project (CIP) by engaging with students at Shunag Long Elementary School (雙龍國小) in Taoyuan. The day began with an opening ceremony joyously filled with dazzling performances from Shuang Long’s kindergarten and nationally-ranked gymnastics teams. Each of AAIA’s eight houses formed three teaching teams, with each team leading 24 classes across Grades 3, 4, 5, 6. Instruction included an English lesson centered on Endangered Animals and numbers, as well as storytime activities featuring an English picture book. AAIA students were thankful to showcase their high character, active learning, critical thinking, effective communication, and global awareness. Additionally, students from both AAIA and Shuang Long cherished the experience so much that both schools are already planning for next year!

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