College Visit: Swiss Education Group

AAIA proudly hosted the Asia-Pacific Reginal Manager, Mr. Schiering, from Swiss Education Group, which was founded in 1982 and has five schools across seven campuses throughout Switzerland. They offer hotel management, entrepreneurship, and art/design programs. Our students from 6th to 10th grade were excited about the chance to learn more about the hospitality industry. At a SEG school, Students can finish their bachelor degree within three years along with paid internships. Since their programs don't require SAT/ACT scores, it can be a great alternative for students who want to study abroad without the pressure of standardized tests.

AAIA很榮幸地邀請到了Swiss Education Group的亞太地區代表Mr. Schiering來為學生們作餐旅管理學系和瑞士文化背景的簡介。Swiss Education Group 在1982年於瑞士成立,旗下涵括不同領域學系的七處校區及五個院所、提供旅館管理、創業和藝術設計等課程。SEG學院學程包含三年取得學士學位和有薪實習。此外,由於SEG學院的申請不需要SAT/ACT測試成績,在入學考試壓力較低的前提下,不失為海外留學的選擇之一。想要進一步了解相關資訊可與AAIA升學與職涯輔導中心聯繫。

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