Boy & Girl Basketball (Home – Morrison) & (Away – Hsinchu Tournament)

On January 10, AAIA hosted a doubleheader vs. Morrison. The girl’s team fought hard but fell to their opponent's superior ball handling ability. The boy’s relaxed their full-court defense and slowly pulled off the win in the 4th quarter.

Then, the boy's team placed 1st in a Hsinchu/Zhubei international school tournament on January 12! The Lions’s beat Hsinchu American School to advance to the final round where they defeated Hsinchu International in a tight contest. Nicky Lin won M.V.P. of the tournament!


緊接著,男籃參加新竹縣美國學校所主辦的邀請賽(1/12),榮獲第一名! AAIA男籃一路挺進冠軍賽,最後以些微差距擊敗了對手,畫下完美句點!Nicky Lin 於本次賽事得到了最佳球員的殊榮!

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