AAIA & NTSU Partnership Agreement

Since AAIA’s inception, National Taiwan Sports University (NTSU) has worked closely with our school and supported us with olympic quality instructors, world-class facilities, and most recently an immense venue for Sports Day. In April, AAIA and NTSU forged a new chapter by starting a three-year partnership. President Chiu of NTSU and Principal Cravak of AAIA represented their respective schools by signing the agreements.

自AAIA成立以來,國立台灣體育大學(NTSU)持續與學校密切合作,提供全校師生奧林匹克競賽水平的師資、世界級的設施以及今年運動會的偌大場地. 四月時NTSU的邱校長和AAIA的Cravak校長代表各自所屬學府接續簽定為期三年的正式合作契約,連袂為校際交流開展了新的篇章.

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