2023 USA University Fair and University Visit

AAIA’s College and Career Readiness (CCR) held the 2023 USA University Fair on Monday, April 17th. Representatives from 23 distinguished American universities visited AAIA, gave us the latest information about the universities. Lions created the blueprint for their future study and career paths. Also, we’re happy to have the school representatives from Johns Hopkins University […]

2023 Street Fair

Shout out to everyone who came to the 2023 AAIA Street Fair 新北美國學校園遊會 last Saturday (4/22)! It was such a blast having all of you! We had a great time with our students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni worldwide. This year, we are finally able to bring back the event. We can’t miss out on […]

2023 AAIA Street Fair Invitation!

Come and join us for AAIA’s most fulfilling tradition, the 2023 Street Fair! Enjoying food and playing games!! AAIA will open its arms and hope to build a strong linkage with you and the lovely community.Here comes the event information: 2023.04.22 SAT. 11AM-3PM Don’t miss out on this great and exciting event!

2023 Community Impact Project (CIP)

AAIA is a caring community and encourages students to make contributions to society. On March 31, AAIA’s high schoolers joined the annual Community Impact Project (CIP) and engaged with the students of Jianguo Elementary School(鶯歌建國國小). In the opening ceremony, the principal of Jianguo Elementary School welcomed us warmly by performing saxophones. Lions introduced different topics […]

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