2023 National Taiwan Science Bowl

Thank you for your participation, and our first year of the National Taiwan Science Bowl has concluded successfully! It was an absolutely fantastic event, filled with talented participants and memorable moments.

Congratulations to the first-place team, who demonstrated their outstanding scientific knowledge and won the grand prize of 40,000 NT dollars! The second and third-place teams also performed admirably and earned prizes of 18,000 NT dollars and 8,000 NT dollars, respectively.

We would like to express our deep admiration for all the participants, your academic enthusiasm is truly inspiring, and also our gratitude to all the supporters and staff who participated in it and made this event more special.

Most importantly, special thanks to the event sponsors, HSBC, Deloitte, OSENSE, GEMS Academy, and FineDayClub.

Let’s look forward to future science competitions and continue working together to advance Taiwan science education.

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