Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony

On May 27, 2023, AAIA held the high school graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023.
This year, our HS graduating class consisted of 36 students. Graduates entered the hall in a fancy and unique way.

The ceremony began with an introduction by Jasmine Liu, to look back on their days at AAIA, followed by the speech of our PTA president, Ms. Jeslyn Huang, expressing parents’ thankfulness towards AAIA, and Ellie Huang shared the changes over the past few years. Jessie Yeh, Rachel Wu, and Sarina Tsai mesmerized the audience with their wonderful violin, cello, and singing performance with the song “You Raise Me Up”, and expressed gratitude to parents for their nurture. Belle Pan shared her aspirations and blessed all the graduates with a bright future.

Mr. Cravak, our principal, gave a speech and invited Ms. Morris, Ms. Ruperez, and Mr. Pohlman to present the graduation certificates and flowers to each graduate. Lastly, everyone enjoyed a heartfelt video of blessings from the alumnus, also a video that reminisced about Class 2023’s school life of the past six years.

As a surprise, 2019 graduate John Chen, who has been admitted to the Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D. Program at the University of Pennsylvania delivered a speech and shared his insights of university life and gave us some inspirational advice. The ceremony concluded with Lillian Toe’s encouragement, “Don’t be afraid of going slow, just afraid of standing still.”

The ceremony was broadcasted live, allowing all staff, faculty, and AAIA family members to join us remotely and celebrate this milestone together. Our graduates will continue to explore the unknown, we wish them the best in their future.

Lions, the world is waiting for you. What should you do? Roar loudly and proudly!

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