Happy Teacher’s Day

September 28th is Teacher’s day in Taiwan. This date was chosen to commemorate the birth of Confucius, believed to be the model master educator. On behalf of our students and the entire community, AAIA would like to take this opportunity to say “THANK-YOU” to our wonderful teachers, for your contributions and wisdom.

Lunch Special – Wheel Cakes

Traditional Taiwanese wheel cakes were served today! Both savory and sweet flavors were served to brighten up our lions

2022 Earthquake Drill

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, AAIA held its annual Earthquake Drill. To keep safe during an earthquake, students were asked to “drop” to the ground, or take “cover” under a desk. It is imperative that our students and faculty know how to respond to different emergency situations and therefore AAIA has scheduled multiple emergency drills […]

Dessert Time

Students were treated to grass jellies and AiYu Jellies to cool off from the Autumn heat! Although “Nothing gold can stay”, we have captured their smiles on this day.

Figure Drawing Field Trip

AAIA is excited to showcase its first off-location figure drawing field trip for the Art Portfolio and AP Studio Art students. Students attended a workshop with a lecture on the understanding of basic human anatomy, followed by drawing demonstrations and then time to practice real-life drawing in a professional art studio environment. Students did multiple […]

2022 Air Quality Knowledge, Action, and Creativity Competition

Congratulations to Dylan P. (G10) and Edmund T. (G10) for winning the 2022 Air Quality Knowledge, Action, and Creativity Competition held by Environmental Protection Administration Not only did the team place first in the competition, but Dylan and Edmund also won the best stage manner award and best thinker award respectively. Their project, the GreenFi […]

Lunch Special

Are you ready for the long weekend? AAIA surprised our lions with delicious sweet paws. Just in time to kick off the three-day long weekend.

Golden Cup

Congratulations to Emirate C. (G9) for placing 1st in the 2022 Golden Cup (Latin Dance)

National History Day Korea

Congratulations to Sarina T. (G9) for placing 1st in the 2022 National History Day Korea (Junior Individual Website) and  Edmund T. (G10) for Placing 1st in the 2022 National History Day Korea (Senior Group Website)

2022 National Shooting Championship

Congratulations to Alex F. (G11) for placing first in the team competition in the 2022 National Shooting Championship & 2nd in the 2022 National Shooting Championship (Tainan Speaker Cup).

Genius Olympiad

Congratulations to Donny C. (G12) & Ellie H. (G12) for winning the Bronze medal in the Genius Olympiad International High School Project on Environment. 

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